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CrazyNinjaMike's Sportsbook Devigger


Kelly Multiplier:
Kelly Bank Roll:
Devig Method:


Leg Odds: (Format: "+125/-130,+150/-180")

Final Odds:  (Try new format)



Quick Tips:
- A comma separates legs
- A "/" symbol separates sides of a market
- The first number in a leg is the side of the market you are wagering on.
- If a leg has multiple sides in its market (ie: superbowl winner), then separate all sides by a "/" symbol like this: +500/+250/+2000

More tips and help here (Last updated 3/19/2023)

Additional Settings:

The Worst-case Method Settings:

The Weighted Average Method Settings:
The Multiplicative/Normalization/Traditional Method Weight:
The Additive Method Weight:
The Power Method Weight:
The Shin Method Weight:
Note: The weights do not need to add up to exactly 100%, the calculator will use the ratio of the sum of the weights.
Note2: To exclude a method completely, set its weight to 0%.

Copy to Clipboard Settings: Note: If there is another platform you would like a Copy to Clipboard button for, send a message with your desired platform/markup/formatting in #feedback in the CNM discord.
Note2: For Reddit, see here for help formatting.

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